Payment Options

DMSO Buyers Club: How to make a payment

We currently accept payment via 2BuySafe/2BuySecure (formerly known as Multicards), as well as Western Union and International bank transfers. Please refer below for more details on each of these options and an additional payment option for our Thailand based customers. We DO NOT currently accept payment via PayPal due to an incorrect classification of our DMSO products.

But firstly, please note that correct shipping address and email address are essential. As long as you have correctly input your shipping address in the online order form on our website, we will receive the correct shipping details for sending your order.

It is of primary importance that you ensure the email address you provide with your order is correct, with no typographical errors. A single wrong character will likely render the order invalid and we won't be able to contact you to confirm details. In such a case, if attempting to pay via credit card, your credit card payment may be declined and the order cancelled.

So please be sure to confirm you have entered the correct delivery address details and your correct email address before submitting your order. If you feel you may have entered incorrect information with your order, please contact us directly at support (at) DMSO Buyers

More information in regard to shipping can be found here: shipping information


2BuySafe/2BuySecure allows for safe and secure credit card transactions (via Multicards - their payment gateway facility) via various credit cards in a secure environment.

Unlike PayPal, you DO NOT NEED to create an account to make a payment. You simply submit your credit/debit card details to their secure server - DMSO Buyers Club does not store this information - and your payment will be approved and your order processed.

This is a secure payment gateway that will offer you the possibility of using a myriad of credit and debit cards based on your country of residence (as related to the billing address of your card). You can of course ship to any delivery address in any country but you will need to input this information correctly at the time of payment.

With 2BuySafe/2BuySecure, payments can be made safely using:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Visa Electron
  • Maestro
  • iDeal
  • Sofortbanking
  • Diners Club

By default certain countries are blocked by Multicards: unfortunately Indonesia, Ghana, Nigeria and some others. Multicards also block all countries that are restricted due to a UN mandate.

The 2BuySafe/2BuySecure payment gateway facility is using '3D Authentication', which means that Visa/Mastercard credit/debit cards should be enrolled for the authentication programs 'Verified by Visa/MasterCard' SecureCode and that customers using those credit/debit cards need to authenticate their transactions by means of a password or pass phrase.

Please refer here for more details:

This added security is a protection for both you as buyer and card holder, and us as seller, and means you are protected against 'I did not authorize this transaction' type of charge backs since all transactions are authenticated. This security protocol is not within our jurisdiction to amend and is applied by the credit card issuing authorities of Visa and Mastercard.

Pay via Western Union

Choose to pay for your order by Western Union. The minimum order value, after discounts, is currently EUR150. This option is available for all orders almost anywhere in the world, and allows another option for those who prefer not to use credit/debit cards for online shopping. With almost 500,000 agents in 200 countries and territories, Western Union offers a great alternative (secure and immediate) method of payment.

Simply complete your order with this option, and we will send the requisite details to you via email so you can make the payment for your order.

Please note the minimum order value accepted for payments via Western Union is currently EUR150.00 (any lower and the costs are simply prohibitive for our customers.)


Pay locally in Thailand to Kasikorn Bank

We will accept bank transfers directly to our designated bank accounts in Hong Kong (HSBC and denominated in EURO only) or Thailand (KasikornBank and denominated in Thai baht - only for customers based in Thailand). At checkout, simply choose your preferred method of payment, your order will be confirmed and put on hold, and we will then send you details for making payment. Orders paid by bank transfer will be given an additional discount of 3%. ALL FEES in regard to international bank transfers must be paid by the customer. Orders will not be released if we do not receive the total value of your order.

If you have any concerns or queries in regard to the above, please contact us via email at this link:

Wishing you health and happiness,

DMSO Buyers Club